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The Visionary Ophthalmology Foundation was established in 2012, after many years of being part of other organizations humanitarian medical missions to Africa and Latin American nations, feeling the need to make a difference and the sole intention of “Giving the Gift of Sight.”

Dr. Martinez has expressed that “there is not a single way to measure the joy in those in need when we are able to give back the miracle of sight, and help them live useful and productive lives.”

Millions of people are suffering unnecessarily from visual loss or go blind every year. The toll of this major handicap is incalculable. Many causes of blindness are preventable and treatable.

Despite the common misconceptions, vision loss is not restricted to the ageing and can affect people at any point in their lives. Vision loss among populations leads to lower rates of employment, one major cause of poverty, greater social isolation and severe emotional distress.

The impact of low vision and blindness is greater than the disability burden for breast cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma and HIV aids combined. Bearing in mind all these factors, we can see why blindness ranks alongside cancer as the health condition the world fears the most.

According the World Health Organization (WHO) approximately 80 percent of the people that suffer these problems live in undeveloped countries. Oddly enough, there is also a great need in some of the richest countries, such as the United States. Fortunately we can all help to change that situation.

The Pan American Medical Society (PAMS) was established over 70 years ago as a scientific, humanitarian, and educational institution in Washington, DC. Recently it began an active program of overseas medical missions serving the countries of South and Central America.

Under the auspices of this Society, Dr. Alberto Martinez created “Visionary Ophthalmology Foundation” dedicated to help visually impaired people to have a better, more dignified and fulfilled life. Dr. Martinez has extensive experience helping visually impaired people who are economically disadvantaged locally and overseas. It is his philanthropic spirit that challenged him to create this foundation.

The foundation “Visionary Ophthalmology Foundation”, is established under the auspices of the Pan American Medical Society, Washington DC (PAMS),

Visionary Ophthalmology Foundation is looking forward to work together with PAMS in this type of initiatives serving the countries in Central and South America.

As a result of his experience, Dr. Martinez has gathered a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other volunteers to start this powerful and life changing experience.

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